What is VABC?

VABC is a community of artists exploring books, paper, and printmaking through a hands-on studio of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. We engage in humanities and arts projects with a community-access approach and are a resource for individual artists. We exist to provide the public a direct experience with book arts.

Who supports and maintains VABC?

VABC is an all-volunteer organization, supported by Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, a membership structure, and private donations. If you would like to make a contribution of time or money to VFH on behalf of the VABC, please contact us.

How can I use the equipment?

You must take a supervised letterpress workshop or be a member of the shop with a “drivers license” to use the press equipment. Members are invited to make use of classes, drop-in workshops, and Open Hours time to gather knowledge and learn proficiency on the equipment. Members who demonstrate that they know how to use the equipment safely (to prevent damage to the equipment as well as to themselves) are allowed to sign up for press use during open VABC hours.

View the shop use guidelines.

Can I join the Pressgroup?

The Pressgroup consists of committed members who give back time, financial donation, and expertise to the VABC.  After a year of general membership, you can apply to become a keyholder in the Pressgroup (subject to approval of the Pressgroup). If you would like to be actively involved, please contact us.

I am skilled in letterpress, would like access, but I can’t join the Pressgroup. Can I use the space without being a Pressgroup member?

Yes, you can become a Professional member with the VABC, keyholding status with low responsibilities. For more information, contact us.

Can I use the space for a class or workshop?

Yes, we rent the space for workshops and classes. If you are interested, please contact us.

What are the levels of membership?

Individuals can become involved in the Virginia Arts of the Book Center as volunteers, apprentices, members, Pressgroup members, or professionals. Individuals may also support the VABC as Subscribers or Patrons. Each level of membership carries privileges and responsibilities, but all members of the VABC community are expected to contribute to the well-being of the Press through a percentage of their activity. For more information on membership and contributor levels, click here.