Shop Use

Open Shop Hours

The VABC is open for use by all non-keyholding members during regular Art Box business hours (M-F 10AM – 6PM & Sat. 10AM – 4:00PM)

1. Members must Sign-in and fill out Font Tracking Forms.

2. Members may use (unsupervised) all equipment that they have been approved “licensed” to operate.

3. Unless arranged for, you are expected to provide all materials needed to complete your project .

4. Shop should be left in better order than you found it.

5. Unless you hold a shop key, please respect Art Box hours. (AB employees lock-up and leave at closing. There is no provision for you staying later)

6. Be sure that the VABC outside door is locked when you leave.

Press/Shop/Classroom & Gallery Use Schedule: follow this link to the  VABC Resource Use Calendar

To reserve press time and get on this schedule…
1.  Non-keyholders needing supervised printing please e-mail to arrange times.
2. To avoid potential conflicts, Press Group and Licensed operators should also reserve press time (for any/all usage).

Press use on Wednesdays 5:30-7:00 is generally reserved for group activities.