Art of the Lie: Pack of Lies Update 10/24

Virginia Arts of the Book Center

2125 Ivy Road, Suite 5, Charlottesville VA 22903

Beginning in August, twenty-four participants rotated thru the shop on weekdays and ends to letterpress the 56 unique images that now illuminate the cards in this year’s members’ project.

While it’s not yet quite a pack, we presently have multiple stacks that constitute each and every card in our Pack of Lies.

Now we’re entering the final stages of card deck production.
Cutting, corner rounding, and sorting into individual decks will commence shortly.
Packaging and the colophon have been designed; with printing, box manufacture and assembly expected to begin next week.
(We’ll notify project members as to dates/time that assistance will be needed).

Note: We cut the stacks on 10/25, organized them by suits and here’s a preview of the individual cards.

“The opera ain’t over till…” Although the Pack of Lies will make its public debut during the Raucous Auction, its presentation does not signify the completion of our 2017 Annual Members’ Project.

In addition to the deck of playing cards, The Art of the Lie incorporates a second component consisting of works of “book art” to be created by individuals or small groups.

Completion of these elements is now scheduled to coincide with the Virginia Festival of the Book (March 21-25) at our new home in the Jefferson School City Center.

This revised release schedule provides an opportunity for additional members to participate in the project (contact Garrett for particulars

Please join us for the project’s reset:
The Art of the Lie: Phase II Participants Meeting
Wednesday, November 22 @ 5:30 PM

The Art of the Lie: Project Specifications
(applies to individual artist and small group contributions)

  • All elements 5”x7” (we have sample folds and forms)
    • Elements must fold/lay flat a book is OK  if it is flat
  • Matching card, cover, and text weights
    • Grey stock if possible, otherwise white
    • Suggestion of possible use transparent of stock under consideration (TBD)
    • Cardstock to be “card like in weight”
  • INK: PMS Grey (some use on each page, minimum amount TBD)
    • PMS 431 has been suggested
      • Grey ink can ONLY be mixed with opaque or transparent white
    • Individual projects may look for their own color schemes, especially if disparate elements (like loose cards) to unify parts of project
      •  Must include element of gray ink
      • 100% black or 100% white OK
  • Edition size
    • 50-60 range for card deck
    • 20 for individual components
    • Packaging for card deck and artist’s elements (TBD)

The Art of the Lie:  Individual/Small Group Projects
(Proposed at project’s inception; artists to confirm contribution details)

  • “Cave of Shadows” tunnel book (Bonnie)
  • Numbers Don’t Lie (Kevin)
  • False proscriptions (Richard)
  • Make Atwood Fiction Again (Richard)
  • Binary code (Lucas)
  • Confirmation bias (Lucas)
  • Illusion of Self (Kristin)
  • Erasure (Katie and Amira)
  • Difference between Lies and BS (Garrett)
  • Word Cloud (Garrett)
  • Yellow-Blue-Green dot dispersion (Garrett)
  • Textual Torque (Nancy)
  • Lies One Tells (Nancy)


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