Handmade Harvest: My Book Your Book

mybookyourbookMy Book Your Book
Book artist: Rachel Singel
Japanese stab binding, lithograph covers and inner covers, 20 pages. Variable edition of six.

This book is meant to be a shared experience with the next person to interact with it. Make it a journal, a sketchbook, or save it for a special occasion.

Artist Statement:¬†“The books I always want to make most involve using my paper scraps from prints that I have made. I love the way this can gives these pieces of paper a new life. Though for the longest time, I have not been able to find the right project these pages from a mis-registered lithograph. Every time I would sift through my collection to find something for a chine-coll√© on a print, a book cover, or even letter to a friend, they would be there, and I was always at a loss of what to do with them. With the launch of the Handmade Harvest project, I believed their time had come. The pages have been bound using the basic Japanese stab bookbinding technique. Now the prints are onto new adventures!”

– See more at: https://vabc.betterworldcollective.com/auction/item/handmade-harvest-my-book-your-book#sthash.QWJHQpLv.dpuf



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