July 2016: Your CSA is waiting for you…

SharingPoster_JosefBeeryApproaching the peak of summer harvests, mountains of tomatoes, corn, and those never-ending cucumbers fill the boxes waiting to be picked up at the farm. Whether you subscribe to a CSA or know someone who does (hopefully, someone who shares their leftovers), the idea of Community-Supported Agriculture is something familiar to us all.

By investing in a subscription to a farm, you’re enjoying local fruits and vegetables when they’re at their best and you’re quite literally providing “seed money” for the farmers who nurture those foods from the soil each season.

38-IS-FertilityMuch like a traditional CSA, we view the VABC as a Community-Supported Artspace. When our members and friends invest in the VABC year-round, we are able to nurture young artists, aspiring professionals, and eager community members in the creation of bountiful crops of handmade books and book arts-related projects.

This year, many of our projects are even organic (FDA certification pending), ranging from the Tree of Life print exchange and Handmade Harvest to Speaking in Faces, which was our second successful Kickstarter campaign to provide grassroots support for the VABC.

However, these are the months when we most need your support to get the year’s growth underway. By becoming a VABC member or renewing your membership for the affordable cost of $10 per month ($120 total per year), you’ll reap the benefits of membership while feeling good about supporting the local creators in our midst. That’s roughly the cost of three pints of organic blueberries or four pounds of local asparagus, so you could say that the VABC is the least expensive CSA you’re likely to find anywhere!

Postmark 2011 - 22To become a member of the VABC’s Community-Supported Artspace and support us in coming seasons, simply click here and fill out our online form or email if you’d prefer to pay by check. If you’d like to see a members event in action, join us for the July 20 Materials Swap!

Happy harvesting!

“Sharing” poster by Josef Beery, “Fertility” divination card by Michael Swanberg, “Greetings from Eden” postcard by Garrett Queen.


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