March 2016: This Is the Month You Start!

Book-17_This-Morning-Before-School_©Lyall-HarrisVABC members and friends, you’ve already heard our anthem for the year: THIS IS THE YEAR YOU MAKE YOUR BOOK. And now, it’s March, so time to make it real…THIS IS THE MONTH YOU START.

The VABC’s new vision for programming does not just revolve around one collaborative project a year, but it is committed to finding new ways to inspire a diversity of projects…transforming into a center of book arts activity where we’re constantly marveling at the arrival of new and accomplished work.

Like that vision? Well, the reality begins here. Within the next ten days, meetings for two new projects will launch even as we keep cranking along–quite literally–on the Speaking in Faces project due later this year.

Book-40_Seeker_©Lyall-HarrisFirst, the “Tree of LIfe” print project that will be led by artist Lana Lambert. This is a project where individual artists who join will create an unbound print on this theme and share them among the group–and provide some to VABC to share with the world! Introductory meeting was Thursday, March 3 at 6:30PM at the VABC. If you could not attend but are still interested in the project, contact Lana to keep in touch. Specifications will soon follow.

Second, we’re looking to create some specifications for the VABC collaborative project (due in November 2016) that would result in many books (even YOURS!) that may range in subjects but share a common proportion.

And how do we recommend preparing for your launch into these projects? The events coming soon below were designed to prime your creative pumps:

Book-30_Stay_©Lyall-HarrisArtist’s Books in Accordion Format. Our bookbinders have arranged a visit to UVa Special Collections to explore a rich diversity of the accordion book with curator of rare materials Molly Schwartzburg. Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library. Saturday, March 12, 1-2:30 PM (Free)

Artist’s Book: Concept First. Book artist Lyall Harris will join with Dean Dass and Amanda Nelsen in the Art on Ivy Gallery above VABC for a discussion of what makes an artist’s book different from other books, fine print or trade. Surrounded by Harris’s own artist’s books on exhibit, the special focus will be attention to the concept the book is to communicate before any craft work begins. Books to see and hold. Craft demos to follow downstairs! Sunday, March 20, Noon-1:15 PM (Free)

So be prepared to be inspired! Hope to see you at a launch meeting and these great events…


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