July 2015 Newsletter: A Promising Year Ahead

It’s July, “membership month” at VABC–when we renew our membership dues, see membership page here–and we already are becoming aware we have a lot to look forward to all year.

It is our 20th year as a membership organization, after all–and could it be our best year yet? It could–that always remains up to you. The more our members help shape our activities, the more we learn and let the promise of the VABC shine. And the membership has been at it already. We’ve compiled a sketch calendar of annual activities you might enjoy in the next twelve months…

Decorative Long & Link BindingJULY: Renew your dues, and enjoy the discount on this workshop: Decorative Long and Link Binding with Jessica White. It’s the style pictured to the left. Jessica attended graduate school at the University of Iowa, where she earned an MFA in Printmaking, a Graduate Certificate in Book Studies, and a deep appreciation for the craft of letterpress printing and book art. A few spaces left!

Also, change is in the air as VABC begins its makeover of the classroom space.

AUGUST: VABC Wayzgoose, Saturday August 29!  We’ll clean up the shop for the fall and grill out to celebrate the original book arts holiday. We like to get the shop in order…but the first order you put in is “beef or veggie burger.” Our members come out of the woodwork for Wayzgoose. Put it on your calendar…we begin the workday after noon and grill out at 4PM.

Vandercook AutoSEPTEMBER: Introduction to Letterpress begins the last week of September. This course gets you setting type and up to speed on a Vandercook press. Projects include printing a multi-color poster and type you set by hand.

OCTOBER: Happy birthday, VABC! Twenty years since our first home at the McGuffey Art Center.

We’ll be going Danish-prince-mad with production for November’s raucous occasion, but not perhaps without time to celebrate and host an exhibition by Artist’s Proof Editions. Member Katherine McNamara has been delighting us with her growing list of interactive digital books–“touch books”–hosting literary content in the iBooks Author platform.

TheBadQuartoGroupNOVEMBER: Raucous Auction, Friday, November 13th. Yes, it’s the night of food, fun, and book friends you’ve grown accustomed to–and here’s a call for your artwork and creative donations! But most importantly, we’re releasing our next collaborative project–The Bad Quarto–an artists’ book production of Hamlet by our traveling troupe of VABC players.

Art on Ivy graphic-bw-outlinesDECEMBER: Shop Art on Ivy for the holidays! We’ll have work by the VABC Professional member artists Josef Beery, Debbie Ku, Lana Lambert, Lindsey Mears, Liz Peak, and more! You’ll find collaborative collections and prints from 20 years of VABC work in the Ivy Square space we share with Creative Framing/The Art Box. Shop local this holiday season…support local artists and the VABC!

JANUARY: Annual Member’s Meeting. Let your voice be heard and let your covered dish be had! We elect our coordinating committee, pitch projects, and set the agenda for the creative year. Bring your ideas and creative directions. And probably hummus.

Speaking in FacesFEBRUARY: Make a type specimen for Speaking in Faces! Our Kickstarter-winning type specimen project will hold demonstrations and offer opportunities to join the project all winter long. We’ve already begun printing with five new printers last month: thanks for your hard work on the type specimens Sarah Messer, Yolanda Merrill, Michael Pickard, Talley English, and Rachel White. Baskerville and Bernhard–check and check.

MARCH: VABC events at the 22nd annual Virginia Festival of the Book. Now accepting applications, the Festival constitutes the bookiest five days in spring. The VABC maintains an annual presence hosting craft talks and exhibitions of work.

APRIL: Shakespeare Exhibition at UVa Special Collections (400 year anniversary). That’s right, we’re not the only ones hip to Shakespeare’s tempestuous terminus. Later in the year, a First Folio will be on display! You’ll hear all about it.

Blizzard2MAY: Catch up with a class in the Saturday Bookbinding Series…we’ll have new classes posted soon. We regularly feature a schedule of one-day (and occasionally two-day) workshops with a special binding treatment featured each month. Affordable and a great way to meet members, the Saturday Bookbinding Series taps into the fun we have as a community.

JUNE: Support a writer-in-adolescence with a writing summer camp! Teens now have a way to connect locally through the Tupelo Press Teen Writing Center. Curious about ways to help or get involved? Ask Kirsten Miles what’s coming down the pike–she’s pulling it all together in the Art on Ivy space three days a week!

“Mark your calendar” doesn’t seem to cover it! Just join and you’ll stay immersed in the fellowship and fun our community enjoys. Our email list-serve will keep you in the know when things are happening.


M E M B E R S H I P   I N F O R M A T I O N

See our members page for complete details on benefits. To join for the first time or renew this month–$120 for general membership. You can use THIS LINK to renew securely online, or send your check to the address below. Checks should be made out to:

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
145 Ednam Drive
Charlottesville VA 22903

Please attach a note or a work in the notes line of the check that this is a “VABC membership.”







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