2015 Member’s Project Meeting – April 23rd @ 5:30pm


“Bad” Hamlet?
April 23rd, the day is celebrated as Shakespeare’s birthday (and day of death)…
So what better day to launch our 2015 Annual Member’s Project?

Join us at the VABC at 5:30pm when we’ll “lay out” the vision and framework for the project, go over some basic guidelines, assess your interest and answer questions.
Conversation inducing refreshments will not be forgotten.

Some Project Notes:
Based on the “Bad Quarto” of Hamlet we’ll create a page by page interpretation of the Bard’s most(?) famous tragedy.
Each page in the book will correspond to the page in the Bad Quarto.
The artist can use the actual facsimile in their piece, they can respond to it, they can cut up the text, they can discard the text, but the page they are working on is that part of the text so you can’t just do “whatever” on that page.

We’ll divide the text so that teams can be formed.
Each team will be given a signature of possibly 16 pages.
Your group will then figure out how to assign/address pages.
No deviation from the order or how many pages are for what text (i.e. you have text on one page, that means you can’t make your response to that text cover two pages).
You cannot discard pages.

Members wishing to participate in the Hamlet Project, who cannot attend, should eMail Garrett <gsqueen@comcast.net>


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