Come by for “Pi”

ComeByForPi-2 Join us at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center on Saturday, March 14 at 8PM as we countdown to the transcendental moment known simply as “Pi.”

Pi, the mathematical constant whose decimal places go on forever, is 3.141592653….

So, brave numerologists, on 3-14-15, starting around 8PM, we expect to be munching pies, dishing out cream, musing on what’s ahead for the VABC, and paging through this year’s Virginia Festival of the Book schedule when the clock strikes 9:26:53PM.

You can wait for that or just grab some pie, talk a little books, and get on home.

We will trust that this irrational number will not wreak too much havoc on our fragile calendar systems and (if there is any big-bang energy unleashed) it will leave our 325 drawers of type un-pied. Kind of like a Y2K non-event except only nerds like us will even know it happened.

You can bake or just partake–but we hope to see you Saturday night!


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