CEDE by Suzanne McClelland



Contains handprinted accordion pages and various papers

Limited edition of 100 unbound print collection in box set $450

Deluxe Edition unbound book in 7 x 11 x 4 inch steel U.S. Army ammunition box; accompanied by four images ( 12 x 15 inches) printed on Rives BFK, paper size 20 x 22 inches. Images are printed in vine black on pale green Kitakata paper, chine-collé. $3,000

Contact kmcfadden@virginia.edu for purchasing information

Published by the Virginia Arts of the Book Center with funding generously provided by The University of Virginia Arts Council and The McIntire Department of Art.

Suzanne McClelland worked closely throughout the spring semester with the class taught by Professor Dean Dass–“Special Topics in Printmaking: The Artist’s Book”–to create CEDE. The collection is exploration  in images, superimpositions, and text of the ways we demand and surrender space. Among its themes are peace and aggression, handshakes and fists, soft vowels and hard liners.

G.S. Queen supervised the printing, Kristin Adolfson provided layout and design. Student research and printing teams: Mary Wells Ball, Courtney Dobrucky, Kate Farrell, Will Frazier, Elise Virginia Heartwell, Alli Herget, Caleb Jang, Victoria Kornick, Elizabeth Y. Pak, Thomas Pierce, Kana Saechout, Kiyoko Timmons, Alessandra van der Meulen, Alison Westfall. Printing and collating was concluded during the summer of 2013 by Shailagh Kennedy.


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