The VABC is Moving!

posted by: Kevin McFadden

Our big MOVING SALE will be Saturday, August 21 from 1-5PM. We’ll have shop furniture, books, ephemera, lead type we can’t store any more, and assorted treasures…including a Chinese typewriter (not making that up!). Click to see images below.

The Surplus Auction-style fun begins at 1:30PM, but sales of remaining items will go on all day.

For details on items or to place bid contact Kevin McFadden ([email protected]).

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  • Gay would like to buy that “curio cabinet” – c’est possible? I’ve been loving it since it appeared in the shop who knows how long ago (courtesy of Johanna?).

    Gay (wants to by your stuff) Beery
  • Michael Jay is also interested in the curio cabinet…opening bid is? I have just the place for it.

    Michael Green
  • And paper sold by the stack…mmmm

    Michael Green
  • The curio sounds like $100 range….


  • I fold on the cabinet. Enjoy, whomever!

    Gay (wants to by your stuff) Beery

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